High beams

I was out working on the temporary garage when i felt the urge to take a break and get into the van and just sit in it for a while.
After sitting in the car drinking some coffee and thinking about life, i started turning all the knobs and buttons just for the sake of it.
I turned the headlight switch, and suddenly two lights in the dashboard started to shine.
The complete dashboard had not been working at all since i got the car. I turned the ignition and the whole dash lit up.

Indicators, high beams and all the lumination lamps were suddenly working. I started the car and everything seemed to be working fine. Then out of the blue, two of the ilumination lamps just died on me but everything else kept working.

There was only one vital function that didn’t come alive today, hazzard lights. I believe that the car has not been used for a long time and has been standing outside during this time. This has allowed a lot of moist to get inside all the electrical relays and what not, making the electrics stop working.
I’ve put a heater in the car to try and dry out all the moist in the electrical system. If i can get all the water out of the car there is a chance i don’t have to do anything to repair the electrics which would be a big weight lifted from my shoulders.


A friend saw this blog and thought i should apply for pimp my ride.
I actually started to consider it after receiving this picture from him! 😀

Mad props to Tor Bratt!

Means of shelter

I’ve been held up from working on the van for a few days now since the temperature has crept well below zero and the snow has begun to fall, but I am now in full progress of cleaning out a temporary “garage” for the car so i can resume the renovation.

Since i don’t have any new interesting photos to share with you, I’ll link a short inspirational video from Alicante, Spain.
I was recently on a trip with the Slipstream-team in Portugal for some shooting and i have to say, Portugal and Spain are both longboard paradises.I really want to go back..

First measures

OK, so iv’e had the van for a while and have begun to organize all the problems that need fixing.
I will start by removing the interior so that that the car is clean from seats, walls and floor. I’ll fix all the rust inside the car first and then repair all the electrics that doesn’t work. After that its the exteriors turn. When the exterior is repaired from rust and the original paint sanded, the car will be repainted. Then i have to build the new interior.

The new paint will be a little more “cream white” that the original.
There will be some cool Slipstream vinyls on the side and hopefully some other stuff to.
I vill be making a design of the paint job in photoshop that i’ll publish here later on.

Here are some pictures i took today while i spent the first hours on the car, almost all interior is out and you can see rust by the wheel arches that needs welding.



The bargain

So this is me trying to explain that the van is basically falling apart but that its no match for my technical and mechanical mending abilities…  im starting to think i’ve gotten water over my head.


My project

My name is Marcus and i am a dedicated longboarder from Sweden. I love everything about longboarding and  am since a few months back a proud teamrider for Slipstream longboards based out of gothenburg in Sweden. This past season was my debut in the swedish downhill racing scene and i really had a good time and made many friends.
I live in the  middle/north of sweden and most of the competitions are held in the southern parts of sweden witch forces me to travel quite far quite often. During this summer i owned a small two seater sports car witch didn’t hold much packing and just one passenger. The gas bill was hard to pay on your own, and even if i had a friend traveling with me it was still expensive and we almost couldn’t fit our luggage.

So to make the next longboard season more fun i went and bought myself an old Dodge van in need of extensive reperation.
Its and 89 dodge ram b250  with an 318 v8 engine and 5 seats.  Now i originally wanted to have more seats in it but after further investigation it proved impossible with all the safety requirements. Altho i am planing to put an additional 3 seats in it to bring more people on very short trips. This van will hold everyones equipment easily and will be very comfortable to ride in with a great entertainment system an refrigerator for refreshments. The cost for traveling will also be less since we are more people sharing the gas, and i think it will be more fun to travel this way.

I will post pictures and sometimes videos of my progress on the van and i when i’m done with the renovation, i will also upload coverage from all the vans trips; “EPISODES FROM THE VAN” .

I hope you will enjoy this project and that i may see some of you next summer!

Note: My first videologg is in swedish but all posts and later v-loggs will be in english!