My project

My name is Marcus and i am a dedicated longboarder from Sweden. I love everything about longboarding and  am since a few months back a proud teamrider for Slipstream longboards based out of gothenburg in Sweden. This past season was my debut in the swedish downhill racing scene and i really had a good time and made many friends.
I live in the  middle/north of sweden and most of the competitions are held in the southern parts of sweden witch forces me to travel quite far quite often. During this summer i owned a small two seater sports car witch didn’t hold much packing and just one passenger. The gas bill was hard to pay on your own, and even if i had a friend traveling with me it was still expensive and we almost couldn’t fit our luggage.

So to make the next longboard season more fun i went and bought myself an old Dodge van in need of extensive reperation.
Its and 89 dodge ram b250  with an 318 v8 engine and 5 seats.  Now i originally wanted to have more seats in it but after further investigation it proved impossible with all the safety requirements. Altho i am planing to put an additional 3 seats in it to bring more people on very short trips. This van will hold everyones equipment easily and will be very comfortable to ride in with a great entertainment system an refrigerator for refreshments. The cost for traveling will also be less since we are more people sharing the gas, and i think it will be more fun to travel this way.

I will post pictures and sometimes videos of my progress on the van and i when i’m done with the renovation, i will also upload coverage from all the vans trips; “EPISODES FROM THE VAN” .

I hope you will enjoy this project and that i may see some of you next summer!

Note: My first videologg is in swedish but all posts and later v-loggs will be in english!


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