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Means of shelter

I’ve been held up from working on the van for a few days now since the temperature has crept well below zero and the snow has begun to fall, but I am now in full progress of cleaning out a temporary “garage” for the car so i can resume the renovation.

Since i don’t have any new interesting photos to share with you, I’ll link a short inspirational video from Alicante, Spain.
I was recently on a trip with the Slipstream-team in Portugal for some shooting and i have to say, Portugal and Spain are both longboard paradises.I really want to go back..


First measures

OK, so iv’e had the van for a while and have begun to organize all the problems that need fixing.
I will start by removing the interior so that that the car is clean from seats, walls and floor. I’ll fix all the rust inside the car first and then repair all the electrics that doesn’t work. After that its the exteriors turn. When the exterior is repaired from rust and the original paint sanded, the car will be repainted. Then i have to build the new interior.

The new paint will be a little more “cream white” that the original.
There will be some cool Slipstream vinyls on the side and hopefully some other stuff to.
I vill be making a design of the paint job in photoshop that i’ll publish here later on.

Here are some pictures i took today while i spent the first hours on the car, almost all interior is out and you can see rust by the wheel arches that needs welding.